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Broadband Internet

Connect from everywhere

Providing satellite broadband internet service regardless of location and now you can connect internet from anywhere.


Call from everywhere

Providing high quality voice service and VoIP SIP broadband trunking service you can call phone to any other phone from any location.


Build your own private network

Over the satellite communication you can create your own secure private network for your business regardless of location.

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  • Innovative Internet Service Provider established in 2014
  • NFS(I) License Holder
  • The partnership between Local I.T Solution Providers
  • Internet Service Provider Wireless Nation
  • Offering Satellite and Wireless Internet Access Solutions

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MyanmarSat-2 is a satellite program run by the Myanmar government.

Collaboration with the Intelsat 39 satellite and other international satellite operators.

Over Myanmar, coverage includes both land and sea.

The latest generation satellite platform, which features smart data acceleration and high-speed modulation technology, is suitable for a wider range of applications, including voice, data, video, social media, YouTube, video conferencing, and a variety of other internet-based applications.

You can get our satellite broadband service if you can see the sky.

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