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VSAT Fixed

Satellite Service

√ Myanmarsat-1B – Myanmar government satellite program

√ Ku band transponders on Intelsat 906 – Geostationary Satellite

√ Has both land and sea coverage over Myanmar

√ The latest generation satellite platform with smart data acceleration and high speed modulation technology

√ Suitable for most applications from sending emails with large attachments to watching YouTube

√ High look angle – if you can see the sky, you can get our service

√ Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

√ Gateway antenna and hub at the teleport

√ Outdoor antenna andmodem at customer premise

√ Available anywhere in Myanmar

√ Unmatched availability (99.99% up time)

√ Full network solution for more than 10,000 sites

√ Independent of terrestrial infrastructure such as fibre availability

√ Nationwide secure & private network

√ Fast & easy to deploy (no digging required)

√ New sites can be added in the same day

√ Best solution by far for multicast applications

√ Transmit once to all sites (2GB package in less than 2 hours)

√ Supports multiple applications – Point of Sale, Voice, VoIP, Data, Video Conference, Surveillance, email, FTP, SCADA, IPTV, Security, Cellular backhaul

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Our Services

 We have state-of-the-art satellite & secure communication services under the below described titles individually.

  • Nationwide Broadband Internet Access
  • Point to Multi-Point (PtMP) and Point to Point (PTP) Wireless network design and deployment
  • Installation, training, monitoring, maintenance and on-going support

can offer the following Services Using Satellite

  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Internet Access Hotspots and MTU/MDU
  • Voice Application
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Video Conferencing(VDC)
  • Selling Satellite Terminals

Satellite Communication Relevant Organization Sectors


Speed Bird Co., Ltd. provides fully-fledged Satellite Communications Solutions ensuring that anyone can communicate anywhere. We can support both devices and solutions that meet the customer’s demand. We provide varieties of solutions that can be deployed in specific fields.

  • Banking ,
  • Education
  • E-Government
  • Maritime
  • Oil and Gas
  • Defense
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency Relief



Our broadband IP data and voice services enable banks to set up remote branches securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Remote banking offices can be standalone on your own premises, colocated with another local business, or operates on a mobile basis moving from community to community, business to business. We can give you the security and bandwidth you need to meet the growing demand for banking services in rural and remote areas, and to avoid dependence on unreliable local networks.



As a relevant Satellite communication services, SBC could support Satellite Communication Service by easily combine with e-Government infrastructure. Hereby, under described three main benefits would become the great outcomes for the government sectors.

In the hard and lack communication places like rural and mountain area, the Satellite can be provide fastest communication for government responsibili-ties.

In the Security Point of View, Satellite Communication is safe and secure for all kind of working programme.

At the time of emergency and disaster events, e-Government can easily control, handle and monitoring for rapid responding process by use of Satellite Communication.



Coastal merchant and work boats can stay connected 24/7 making calls, emailing, accessing the internet and SMS text messaging from anywhere in all weather conditions. We can help fishermen earn money even before they return to shore. They can send photos of their catch, research prices on the internet and negotiate a sale by phone or via email. For deep sea merchant vessels, we deliver reliable and affordable satellite communications which enable ships to operate at their most efficient and crews to keep in touch with home.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Speed Bird Company Limited delivers a complete range of satellite communications solutions for the oil and gas industry for the exploration and production sites. We provide full scale of VSAT connectivity solutions with maritime stabilized antennae to support drilling rigs and ships and production locations, such as FPSO, supply and support vessels, semi-submersible rigs. A wide range of stationary and fixed antenna VSAT solutions is available for shallow water production locations and platforms, jack-up rigs and lift boats.

Disaster Recovery and Emergency Relief

Disaster Recovery & Emergency Relief

Disasters are unpredictable, which is why it’s important to have a communications plan with pro-gressive techno -logy that is quickly deployed in any environment and under any circum -stance. Using satellite is ideal because it is independent of terrestrial infrastructure. We Can offers a satellite solution that provides the reliability and global coverage that you can depend on during an emergency, and the technology that can support many types of emergency relief deployment.

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