About Us

Long story short

Speed ​​Bird Company was established in 2014 in accordance with the Myanmar Companies Act and is licensed Network Facilities Service (Individual) to provide network support services. A satellite communication and technology service company.Speed Bird Company based on cities such as Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay for public and private sectors satellite communications services throughout Myanmar. One of customer trusted communication Service Company. The company currently provides satellite broadband service, VoIP over satellite and othersatellite solutions for public houses, critical infrastructure, businesses, communities, organizations, defense and governments.

In terms of technology, Speed ​​Bird is formed with internationally recognized group of knowledgeable professionals and engineers. It is also an accreditedcompany with full technical support working with major international technology companies.

In addition, within the company, there are technological innovations, we are constantly monitoring developments and working to provide the latest technology

Our Vision

“Speed Bird Co., Ltd. will become the leading Satellite Broadband Service Provider in Myanmar and throughout Asia Pacific; by way of innovation, ethical business practice, and superior technology. Provide the best service to the customers now and future.”

Our Mission

The mission of Speed Bird Co., Ltd has been established to provide a complete solution to customers and their entire current & future satellite communication relevant private network needs regardless of the location

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Our Objectives

  • To become the market leader of Satellite and Wireless Broadband Service Provider.
  • To transfer technology knew how, expertise and standard practices from the International partners.
  • By giving the specific training to the local staff in order to up skill and stay ahead of the competition.
  • To consistently remain customer focused and believes.
  • To encourage by innovation in market-based research & development
  • To provide full broadband Internet access at reasonable and competitive prices
  • To corporate with the other Internet Service Providers in order to implement the national broadband network
  • To implement and deliver reliable private network solutions to businesses in Myanmar
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