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Evolution / Velocity Series 15100 Satellite Hub

The Series 15100 Satellite Hub is ideal for service providers operating multiple high-performance IP broadband networks and is a carrier-class 11U, 19” rack mountable chassis for Evolution® or Velocity®, supporting multiple networks on up to 20 line cards. The hub combines functionality and flexibility into a scalable solution, enabling network operators and service providers to operate from a single location the highest quality networks.

Core Features of the 15100 Satellite Hub

  • Series 15100 can house up to 20 Universal or Defence line cards (ULC, DLC)
  • Supports up to five satellite
  • Supports DVB-S2/DVB-S2X ACM with Modulation from QPSK to 256APSK
  • Linecards support up to 119 Msps DVB-S2X forward carriers and Adaptive TDMA on the Return
  • Low initial cost, pay-as-you-grow
  • 48-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN interface supports high carrier symbol rates
  • High level of redundancy with hub daisy chaining and geographic redundancy
  • Enables Host Network Operator (HNO) and Virtual Network Operator (VNO) configuration options
  • Interoperates with high-performance Protocol Processors and NMS servers for smart IP routing and load balancing

iQ Desktop+ Satellite Modem

The iQ Desktop+ is part of iDirect’s DVB-S2/S2X remote series based on a future-proof hardware with software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion. The iQ Desktop+ is highly scalable and ideal for broadband access and small enterprise mobility applications and is compatible on both Evolution® and iDirect Velocity®.

The iQ Desktop+ features dual Gigabit Ethernet VLAN-aware networking ports and a very small form factor ideal for prosumer, broadband access, and small enterprise site networks supporting a large range of fixed and mobile applications including Internet/Intranet access, SCADA, Voiceover-IP (VoIP), video streaming, and multicasting. The iQ Desktop+ can reach throughputs up to 200 Mbps when being used in L2oS mode and is compatible with a variety of ODU configurations. The modem’s high performance modulation techniques enable network operators to offer various bandwidth intensive services in a cost-effective way. Packaged in a professional grade metal enclosure, this modem can operate at an extended temperature range up to 50 degrees Celsius.

The iQ series modems are also available as a 1U rackmount or board level product.

iQ 200 Integrated Router Board

The iQ 200 Integrated Router Board features DVB-S2/DVB-S2X with Adaptive TDMA returns. Designed to integrate into complete terminals serving small to medium enterprise and maritime application, the iQ 200 Board combines high-performance iQ series features with mobilit

The iQ 200 modem series is ideal for enterprise, cellular backhaul, land mobile and maritime applications combining high-performance iQ series features with mobility. Designed to integrate into complete terminals the iQ 200 Integrated Router Board combines high-performance iQ series features with OpenAMIP mobility. OpenAMIP is an IP based protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between an Antenna Controller Unit and a satellite modem ensuring a seamless integration. The iQ 200 Board’s licensable features enable the service integrator to provide a terminal that can easily scale by adding more inbound throughput capabilities to the modem.

The iQ 200 Board is also available in a 1RU rackmount chassis.

Evolution Series 11000 Tactical Hub

The Series 11000 Tactical Hub is ideal for end users in need of a hub solution in a mobile or tactical environment. It is a cost-effective, compact, and durable solution for operators who will benefit from the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of an ST Engineering iDirect hub solution.

Core Features of the 11000 Tactical Hub

  • Integrated DLC-T, DLC-R line cards
  • 2 RU, rack-mountable
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certifiable
  • MIL-STD 810G for shock and vibration
  • Compatible with any Evolution® series remote